Privacy and IT Security Protection get Married – Our Vision has Come True

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I couldn’t be more thrilled to share the news that as of today, has joined AVAST Software, maker of the world’s most popular antivirus.

When Christian and I started our business together, it was our vision to bring privacy protection to the forefront of the IT security industry and that the two – privacy and security – will ultimately blend: Whereas antivirus software protects the user’s valuable data on a device, personal data protection solutions are needed to secure sensitive data in the cloud, on social networks, in apps, and on the Web.

I am overwhelmed that our vision has reached its destination, the deal with AVAST is the most crucial milestone in our company’s history. This new set up will allow us to design security for the user to protect their data independent from which device is utilized and from where it is being accessed from. Our mission will remain the same: We will continue our dedication to provide a safe and carefree online experience for everyone; we can now do this at a much wider scale, with even more power and at a higher speed.

Looking back, in November 2011, we introduced to the world, ushering a new era of individual online privacy protection. Ever since, has grown to become the no. 1 security app on Facebook with more than 90 Million Facebook profiles scanned to protect the privacy, security and reputation of users of the biggest social network worldwide. In fall 2012, we introduced App Advisor, the world’s first solution to protect users from data-hungry apps. Embodying knowledge about more than 500,000 social apps, App Advisor makes apps’ data access and activities completely transparent for everyone, available as a browser extension and as an iOS app.

The past months have been a bit quieter, as we centered our focus on the next essential step for our company. We started talking to strategic investors; it was vital for us to find partners that shared our vision. We wanted to make sure that the outstanding product our talented team built would be carried on and continuously be optimized based on our original ideas and visions. It’s because of our hard working and dedicated team that we can proudly say we have reached this goal. In AVAST we have found a strong and established ally to continue pursuing our mission.

We are excited about the upcoming months and are happy to soon offer our users the most thorough and complete personal data protection possible.

Picture: Thomas Wespel, Managing Director Germany and Ondřej Vlček, Chief Technology Officer at AVAST (3rd and 4th from the left, back row), visiting the team in Munich



  1. Schulze, Thomas

    May 3, 2013

    Congrats, great deal!
    Ich hoffe, dass dieses set-up nun die Technologie noch weiter voranbringt!