will Shield You as a Facebook User from Data-Hungry Apps

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Today, we’re very excited to tell you that we’re launching App Advisor, the world’s first solution protecting you from data-hungry apps. USA Today, PC World and All Facebook already have reported today that from now on, we will guard Facebook users from social apps, used via smartphone or on the web, that over-collect personal data, spam your friends network and pose security risks. App Advisor comes as a browser extension to protect you whilst browsing Facebook and the Web, you can download it for free here:

To launch App Advisor, we have analyzed app activities of 50 million Facebook users and more than 500,000 apps to built the largest App Security Network in the world. We have integrated this knowledge in App Advisor, making the data access and activities of apps completely transparent for everyone.

Why you need protection

When using a website or an app on your smartphone, tablet or PC, it is usual to connect it with your Facebook ID and to click ‘agree’ on whatever permissions pop up. It happens so easily and quickly that you don’t even question what will happen with your data once you accept all those permissions. Fact is that social apps connected to your Facebook profile can fundamentally track your whole life. Your whereabouts? 10% of apps access geo information. Your favorite things you do in live? 10 out of 100 apps know your hobbies and interests. Your friends and their activities? More than every fifth app even collects your friends’ data. Everything you do online leaves traces which will be collected by the social apps once they get access to your Facebook ID — regardless of your privacy settings.

Protection whilst browsing the Web and Facebook

The App Advisor browser extension now instantly provides you with transparency around an apps’ data access and sharing habits before connecting a new app to your Facebook profile. You’re protected whilst surfing the Web and Facebook and will be warned as soon as a new app is connecting with your Facebook profile. The browser extension, available for Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, helps you protect your personal data before it is shared via Facebook.

With, you will find out which data your social games and apps retrieve and which actions they perform. You will learn which of your smartphone apps circulate your Facebook data without your consent. We will warn you against apps that spam your friends network and identify apps that contain viruses and malware.

We found out the following details about apps’ data collection and behaviors:

  • About six out of ten of the apps (63%) can post on your timeline behind your back
  • More than two thirds of the apps (69%) know your email address
  • Nearly every third app (30%) knows your birthday
  • 5 out of 100 apps (5%) access your photos and videos, going beyond the profile picture
  • Every tenth app (10%) is informed about your hobbies and interests
  • 10% of the apps have access to your geo information including check-ins, hometown or current city
  • 1 out of 5 apps (21%) can access personal data of your friends including friends’ birthdays, education and work history

These are remarkable numbers; So far app providers have collected uncountable amounts of data. wants to build an industry authority for app security — an app reputation center developers will have to embrace when creating their apps, ultimately providing a higher level of user protection. Find more info on App Advisor in our press release or just test it yourself, it’s free!