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It's like antivirus for Facebook. works like antivirus for social networks and apps. Using sophisticated algorithms, we identify posts and photos that pose a threat to your privacy, security and reputation. In addition to your own Facebook profile, we also monitor your friends network to keep you safe and secure.

App Security for your Browser

Instagram, SocialCam, Spotify, AngryBirds or FarmVille - we connect with thousands of different apps through Facebook because it’s easy and convenient. How much do apps know about you and how do they interfere with your privacy? App Advisor by protects you from apps that over-collect your data, interfere with your friends on Facebook, and harbor malware.

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NEW: App Security for iPhone

Many of the apps you use on your iPhone connect to Facebook to access your personal data and share content. With for iPhone, you get transparency around your apps' data access and sharing habits before you connect them to your Facebook profile.



Facebook profiles scanned.

Many websites and apps connect to your Facebook directly via smartphone, tablet or desktop, which is a threat to your personal information. empowers you to protect yourself and to use Facebook with peace of mind. People from more than 100 countries across the world trust

“As I upload tons of posts and pictures on Facebook, I’m glad I have guarding me 24/7.”

- Alina T., Munich, Germany